About Me

Hi! Welcome to my site.

My name is Jeff and this website is all about making a statement! Life is dull and I think sprucing it up by wearing a fun and funky sweater is a great way to break the monotony. What better time to do that than during the holidays or a sporting event? Whether your at a Christmas party and want to share the holiday spirit or at your winter time sports game and want to root for your favorite team. This website will have you covered, literally

Ok, no more puns. I invite you to have a look around and have yourself a laugh or two and please feel free to leave a comment. The Slightly Offensive section can be quite entertaining. All the product will link you to Amazon.com. For more information on affiliate programs please see my Affiliate Disclaimer. Additionally I value your privacy and invite you to have a look at the Privacy Policy. Thanks and I hope you have a good One!