Caring For Your Ugly Acrylic Christmas Sweater

When it comes to caring for your Ugly Acrylic christmas Sweater it’s not as difficult as you might expect. It’s rather resilient and although it has a lot of the same characteristics and feel of wool it won’t shrink or stain like typical wool fabrics. For that reason it’s quickly becoming the go to yarn for many of the larger clothing manufacturers. That being said there are a few precuations you should take when washing and caring for your sweater.

To identify acrylic look for the words acrylic, Acrylan, Creslon, Orlon and Zefran. Any of these words will denote an acrylic sweater and the following guidelines should be used for maintenece.


Benefits of Acrylic

Acrylic yarn is becoming more and more popular due to its resilience to everyday wear and tear. Unlike wool acrylic yarn stands up well to perspration, insect and moth damage, and chlorine salts. As stated above it won’t shirnk when placed in the dryer or if you use hot water in the wash.

Wet stains like coffee, tea, wine and soft drinks will easily wash from the sweater. Simply put it through a regular wash cycle or spot treat with detergent.


One of the major drawbacks to acrylic is it is likely to stretch over time. Once it has stretched out there is no way to reshrink the sweater. So, You can either donate it to a larger relative or handit over to good will.

Dry stains such as oils, paints, glue, and nail polish are very difficult if not impossible to remove. You can try spot treating and placing through a warmer wash cycle but it may shorten the life of your sweater.

As with all sweaters pilling is normal. Avoid purchasing a sweater that is already pilling as it will only get worse.

Normal Washing


laundromatWash your acrylic sweater in a net bag on the gentle cycle with similar colors. Any mild detergent will work. You can dry the sweater in the dryer but avoid over heating the acrylic. Typically try to get the sweater about 90% dry.

You may use a warm iron if neccsesary to get out any wrinkles. Again don’t over heat the acrylic. Make sure you are using a warm iron and not a hot one!


Sweater NiceWhen Storing the sweater don’t place them on a hanger. This will cause the sweater to stretch. Store them in a drawer.

Since it isn’t a natural fiber you don’t have to worry about moths or other insects dining on your sweater during the warmer months.

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